What my clients have to say

Sara Jeanne Gulley

“Leslie worked in conjunction with the builders during construction so design was done correctly right from the start. It was a very pleasant surprise to see that Leslie was so knowledgeable about the whole building process. She expected the very best from the builders, and wasn’t afraid to ask for it, even if it meant redoing something. I also loved that Leslie understood my vision for the house. She always gave us choices, while guiding us toward directions she knew would work best in the overall scheme. With the way Leslie worked with us, we couldn’t make a bad choice.”

Virginia Goss

“Leslie was always the epitome of professionalism. Her ideas were great, she knew how to keep costs down when necessary and where to spend to achieve the best results. She was a valuable team player with both the architect and the builder and they relied on her for design input. After the project was completed, our home won several design awards. I would never build a new home without her.”

Holly Brain

“Leslie was so great with space planning. Our house was a remodel in an already established neighborhood, and the biggest compliment I get when people come to our house is “I would never have guessed your house would feel so big and open from the street.” I also appreciate the way she guided me through each step of the remodel process—easy, not overwhelming. She broke things down and made the many decisions so manageable. Her personality is contagious and you can’t help but adore her.”

Kelly Ragsdale

“When I was introduced to Leslie, I had no idea what a designer did. I thought it was just getting someone to help me chose drapery and furniture. Working with Leslie made me realize that a good, knowledgeable designer is the single most important person on your team. Leslie was incredibly knowledgeable about the use of space, room design and function, paint colors, flooring, cabinets, doors—pretty much everything on the interior of the house. She even did the concept drawings and communicated with the contractors to make sure every part of our vision turned out as planned. Best of all, she listens and then delivers only what she thinks you will like or have asked for. It’s no surprise we used Leslie on a second home and the remodel of a third home.”

James Okland

“My wife and I lived in a 16-year-old, well-constructed town home in the Salt Lake City, Mount Olympus area. Our home was structurally well built. It had a floor plan we liked, and we loved the location. However, the finishes and furnishings were badly dated and in some instances, not of the best of quality. After considering options in our minds, that ranged from a little paint and carpet to a complete makeover remodel, we opted for the latter.

With the decision to move ahead there was only one person I wanted to design and direct this project and that was Leslie. Leslie had done a few minor upgrades in our home eight years ago when we bought it, so she was somewhat familiar with the home. I hadn’t communicated with Leslie since then, but assumed that she was still doing wonderful designs somewhere. I contacted Leslie, who was very busy, as you would expect. But having known us, she agreed to design our remodel. We were thrilled and hired her immediately.

Leslie immediately took full control of the project. One of the items she initiated was having her staff produce CAD and as-built drawings of the existing house. These were invaluable in her process of design as she began to formulate space planning and finishes. The CAD drawings eventually became documents from which subcontractors could formulate ideas and estimates.

Leslie also has the respect of the some of the best residential and commercial contractors in our area. She recommended the best General Contractor for our project, and was able to procure him to do the job. Coming from a construction background myself I knew how important it was to get the right contractor. We totally trusted Leslie’s recommendation and loved our builder.

The schedule which we collectively developed with Leslie and the contractors was going to be a total of six months from demolition to live-in, furnished completion. The project was started on schedule and was completed slightly ahead of schedule. This is especially exceptional considering the volume of work accomplished. We love the final product and can’t think of how it could have turned out any better.”

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